Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Our 6th anniversary started with Soren climbing into our bed at 1 AM remarkably for the first time since moving into a toddler bed several weeks ago. He came into our room and said his bed was too crowded so he wanted to sleep with us. Faulty logic aside, I let him climb on up for a few minutes. After a quick snuggle I told him that he needed to sleep in his bed and this was Logan's and my bed, not his. His response: "But Mom, it is good to share." Good point. So I let him stay for a while. As I laid there, pushed to the very edge of the bed and listening to the sounds of Soren and Logan's synchronized breathing, I felt so happy. There's a lot we want right now, but at that moment all I needed was right there in the bed. The two people I love more than anything in the world all snuggled up with me. Soren's right. It is good to share. It has been good to share the last six years with Logan. This year's been incredibly hard on us but through it all, we've had each other and this charming little boy to keep us smiling.

Happy Anniversary Logan. I love you and hope when all this stuff is over, we can take a vacation together and get a break. Thanks for all you do for me and for appreciating all I do for you. You're the beast.

(Who needs a Happy Anniversary card when you can use an Ides of March card? I bet you wish your anniversary fell on the Ides of March. And for those of you who are concerned about us letting Soren sleep in our bed, it was short lived and he happily went back to his bed after a quick snooze.)


Marian said...

Happy happy anniversary. Those 6 years went by fast. Kate we are so happy you are in our family. We love you. So glad you don't plan on stabbing Logan.

Terese said...

Happy anniversary! We missed you at discussion group, but I heard you were doing much more fun things. Love this post. Why can't I express my thoughts this well?