Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Mississippi moon won't you keep on shinin' on me"

Remember how I used to post stuff on my blog? Well, I've been a little bit busy for the last few weeks and pushed the blog to the back burner. Here's a quick summary of what's been going on:

A few weeks ago Soren and I got a horrible stomach bug and were out of commission for a while. Apologies to all the friends who we managed to get sick and evil looks to whoever it was that got us sick. 

While all this was going on, my mom was spending 10 days in the hospital with appendicitis and diverticulitus and had to have major surgery so Soren and I went to Mississippi for two weeks to help out during her recovery. While most of our time was spent cooking, cleaning and picking up medicine at Target, we were able to do some fun things like seeing an alligator in the wild. This photo is NOT zoomed in. Luckily we were safely behind a wooden fence on a platform thing, but it was still a little freaky.  We also saw lots of other animals that Soren hasn't stopped talking about and spent a few afternoons at the beach. It was great to be there to help out my mom and I LOVED the 80+ degree weather (short sleeves everyday!) but it was a long time to be away from home and Logan. So we are happy to be back together and slowly getting life back in order. 

I hope to get back into regular blogging soon. I know I never posted the two week menu that I promised was "coming soon" back in January. There were a couple recipes that needed a bit of tweaking and it sort of got forgotten once life got crazy. But I will post it eventually, even though the recipes are much more winter appropriate. 

So that's that. Hopefully things will calm down soon I'll I will once again feel like I can devote time to my blog. 

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Linda Perkes said...

Thank you! Thank you! for coming to help me. It was such a pleasure to have you and Soren here. I love you and miss you!