Saturday, April 30, 2011

We Like Ike

According to Soren, one of Mississippi's best features is his Uncle Isaac. He had a blast following Isaac around for two weeks and Isaac was (for the most part) patient about coming home from school to find his room destroyed or one of his Lego creations stepped on. Being around them together felt a bit like a two week deja vu of being around my two brothers 10 years ago and I constantly kept calling them by the wrong names. 

Here are a few of my favorite Isaac and Soren interactions:

Soren: Isaac, what is a dinosaur?
Isaac: Soren, you know what a dinosaur is. 
Soren: You're right. A dinosaur is a type of predator.

Isaac: Okay Soren, so you are the King.
Soren: But I thought I was a pirate? (He was wearing a pirate costume.)
Isaac: No, now you are a King.
Soren: Okay.
Isaac: And I'm the peasant.
Soren: What's a peasant?
Isaac: Well, in ancient times.... (goes on to explain while Soren totally glazes over and has no clue what he's talking about.)
Soren: Oh. Well I call that a present. That's something you give someone.

They also played Wild Kratts for hours on end, ate their weight in mini-bagels and told hundreds of knock, knock jokes. Soren was in heaven. 

Explanation for the photo: Isaac insisted that we burry him in the sand up to his neck and I didn't have a bathing suit for Soren so he just ran around in his skivvies. When in Rome....

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J I L L A I R E said...

Love the presents comment.

My kids love Wild Kratts right now, too.

Never would have known they were his "skivvies" from the photo.