Thursday, June 9, 2011

Back in the saddle again

I know, I know. When I started my gig blogging for Apartment Therapy that  I promised I wouldn't let it get in the way of this blog but it totally has. Blogging twice a week has been harder than expected, especially on top of the other crazy things going on. So, I have a new found resolve to blog more frequently here and in order to get back on track, I'm just going to brief you on everything we've done in the last few months while I've been away. 

Logan turned 30 in March so I threw him a rockin' party. Tacos, limeade, Mexican Cokes, friends, foosball and cupcakes galore. All the makings of a great party. 

For Easter we went to our friend Barry & Amelia's Easter celebration and I managed to hold on to my title as Peep Jousting Champion. Two years baby! There's no stopping me now.

We went to Kimball Farm with our friends Gwen & Andrew. It was raining so we were only able to play in the arcade, be harassed by roosters and eat delicious ice cream.

At some point, we introduced Soren to to concept of dipping Oreos in milk. Oreo is now the only word he can spell other than his name. Though he does get the two mixed up sometimes since they have many of the same letters.

Along with my friends Aubrey and Bonnie, I put together a baby shower for our lovely friend Amelia. It was pretty amazing. You can check out lots more pictures here if you want to see more. 

Soren tuned 3 in May. He woke up and got lots of loot, ate pancakes with a chocolate chip 3 and helped me make cupcakes. I resisted my urge to control everything and let Soren pick what kind of cupcakes we made. He chose chocolate cupcakes with spider/halloween wrappers, green frosting and christmas sprinkles. They were delicious and made me smile. We brought cupcakes to Institute to share with his friends and then had his godparents Peter & Eunice over that night for Chinese "yoodles" (what Soren calls Lo Mein) since is birthday is also Golden Spike Day and had more cupcakes. He had a great birthday and has spent the last month trying to test the theory that the terrible twos are nothing compared to three. 

We also had a visit from Logan's parents, but this post is long enough so I'll save that for a post of its own and hopefully now that I am caught up can get back to regular posting. 

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