Friday, June 17, 2011

"A vacation from my PROBLEMS!"


I'm leaving for a weekend trip with friends to Martha's Vineyard at the crack of dawn tomorrow. This is going to be the first time that I've been away from this kid for more than a few hours in his entire life. It will be a much, much needed break for me and I've been counting down to these 48 blissful hours of not being pulled on or asked question after question, but I still started to cry when I said goodnight to him tonight. Wish us luck while Logan holds down the fort and I try to think about something other than Spider Man and squeezy yogurt. 


Dyami said...

I hope you enjoy it!!!!! It's always sad to leave, and I hate all the "what if ..." thoughts that go through your head while you're away, but it's a very good thing to get some time to yourself! I got sad for you imagining kissing Soren goodnight while thinking you won't be there when he wakes up.

We left June a few weeks ago for the first time. It's nice while it lasts. You feel so free yet it's good to get home.

anna said...

have fun!! every mom needs a break now and then.

and that is my favorite quote ever - I say it a lot. other often quoted line at our house: "you call this a happy family? why do we have to have all these kids?" (It's a Wonderful Life)