Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thank You x 3

For each of Soren's birthdays I've done a photo card to thank those who give him gifts. It is funny to see how he's changed each year. This time Logan asked me when this will stop being cute. 

I'm imagining an angst ridden 14 year old Soren holding a sign and hating every minute of it. 


Ryds20 said...

Hello, I came across your thank you pictures when I was searching for an idea for my son's 2nd bday thank you cards. I love the one from Soren's 2nd bday. Where did you find the letters?

Kate said...

Ryds20: I made the letters on my computer. I printed each letter on white cardstock then attached it with double stick tape to a piece of colored cardstock. The hardest part was getting him to hold still long enough to get through all the letters. Good luck!

Ryds20 said...

awesome, thanks a lot! I'm hoping ours turn out just as well as yours :)