Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Visit from Nana & Gumpin

Last month Logan's parents came to visit us. We all had a great time playing with Nana and Gumpin. Here are some highlights. 

We took them to Rockport, MA- one of our favorite places. Soren and Logan made pirate faces near a pirate ship and we all enjoyed seeing the sights. 

We celebrated Brian and Marian's 40th anniversary by taking them to Mount Auburn Cemetery- one of our other favorite places. We climbed to the top of the tower for the first time and Soren check out the view with his "binoculars".

Logan and Soren took a break and I scoped out a perfect little spot for me. 

Thanks for coming to visit, Brian and Marian. We'll see you again in a week!

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Amy said...

Love the pictures. Thanks for your blog comeback. Get ready to take some pics of my kids please. It has been since I saw you last that I've had any great ones. I used the one you took of Carter in batman mask as our birthday party invites for the superhero party last month.