Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Serenity now!"

I have often thought that children, especially toddlers, have an innate ability to understand when they have pushed too far and immediately do something cute to save themselves. Soren regularly pulls out something irresistibly charming or funny just in the nick of time when I'm about to throw him across the room. (Side story: When we were on an airplane this summer he loudly asked me "Why did the mom throw the little boy into the sea?" I have no idea where he got that from (or whether he was reading my mind) but I was a glad social services wasn't waiting for us when we got off the plane.) 

Soren has never been a great sleeper and as a toddler, it's been one of our only battles with him.  He gets out of his bed over and over and no amount of negotiating, yelling, rewarding, etc. seems to keep him in there.  So our current official policy is to just pick him up and put him back in his bed without saying anything or getting upset. He's gotten better, but it can still get pretty rough some nights. 

Tonight he and I were an hour into this battle and I'd put him back in his bed dozens of times. I was right on the brink of losing it so I went into the bathroom and shut the door. Soren immediately came out of his room and knocked on the door. When I told him to go get back in his bed he said "I am in my bed. I have extraordinarily long arms."

Saved again. I am happy to report that no boys were thrown into the sea tonight. 


ellen said...


J I L L A I R E said...

I think Holly has mastered the same art. It is innate. And, I don't think you can call Soren a toddler anymore. He's 3. That ship has sailed, esp with the start of Joy School. I think you have to call him a preschooler now. Mostly I say that because I think of Holly as a toddler and they just can't be in the same stage. : )

Also, maybe you think it's mean, but we have always resorted to locking our kids in their rooms when they wouldn't stay in bed. They end up crying & falling asleep on the floor, but after awhile just the threat of locking the door is enough. Your current plan is good, just stick to your guns! Our kids were all awesome sleepers until they left cribs and could climb out of bed, so we know what you're going through.

Kate said...

Jillaire, you're right. He's been doing this from toddlerhood so I consider it a toddler-like trait. I agree that a fully potty trained Joy Schooler who uses words like "extraordinarily" is no longer a toddler.

Marian said...

I remember dealing with the this same problem with our kids. It is universal that once the crib no longer keeps them captive they want to sleep with you. Never fear I don't know of any 14 year olds who still want to sleep with their parents. All of this does provide great amusement for the grandparents so thanks for that!