Monday, September 5, 2011

That didn't take long...

We wasted no time in fulfilling Soren's dreams of going camping. This past weekend we headed to the Cape to camp with several friends. For some reason I forgot I had a toddler and decided to tell Soren we were going camping a couple days before we left. So for the rest of the week when I told him it was time to go somewhere he'd run in the kitchen and say "I'll bring the marshmallows!" and I'd have to tell him that we weren't going camping yet. Or he'd ask me if I bought marshmallows so we wouldn't have to use "the fuzzy things" when we were camping. Needless to say, he was super, super excited and I spent the days leading up to the trip answering lots and lots of questions about camping. 

We got there late the first night and carried on the Perkes family tradition of setting up our tent under car headlights. Once the tent was set up, we headed over to our friends' camp site where a camp fire and amazing Dutch oven cake awaited us. Soren had a rough first night and none of us got much sleep. I was beginning to have flashbacks to Soren's first camping experience which swore us off camping for the last three years and wondering if we'd made a horrible mistake. But the rest of the weekend went great and he slept much, much better the second night. Well enough that I was a little sad that we didn't stay a third night. 

But we made up for it by heading to Provincetown for the rest of the day to see the sights and go to the beach, neither of which disappointed. 

Since we made it all the way to the tip of the Cape, we were at the real Atlantic ocean instead of just the bay so we got to see real live waves, seals and WHALES! I mean, it was nothing compared to the cigarette butts, hypodermic needles and crazy leathery skin of the local city beaches, but it was pretty cool and well worth the memorable "bathing suits" we had the pleasure of seeing. 

Thanks for the fun weekend, friends. I can't think of a better way to end the summer.


Camilla said...

Cute post and cute pictures! What's with the bones shirts?

Kate said...

Cami: He's bad to the bone and loves skulls, skeletons and anything related to skulls and skeletons. Pretty much he's a 3 year old and skulls are so hot right now with the toddler demographic.