Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wish me (and my very weak shins) luck

Almost a year ago I "ran" a 10K and haven't really ran since but I just signed up for another race. Despite having mixed feelings about running, I am going to give it one more chance and see if I can rekindle our rocky relationship. It is only a 4 miler so I figure it is a much healthier goal than a 10K and I hope I will enjoy it more. It is Thanksgiving morning which also happens to be my 28th birthday. I ran yesterday and my goal was to run for the full 9 minutes of a song and I succeeded. I know that sounds really lame, but for me 9 minutes of running without stopping is kind of a big deal. I have two months to go from 9 minutes to 4 miles. I can totally do that, right?


Misty said...

HI Kate!
I sort of feel like a blog stalker~ and I promise I only check yours now and again! Strangely enough~ I never comment on anyones blog but yours! =)
We had the WORST time getting Kole to stay in his bed at night also. He is a night owl by nature, and has had a really hard time falling to sleep and staying in his bed.
I am sure you know he came with his own set of issues, and has really had a long road in the speech/developmental department. Last Nov. he started on some meds and I will make a long story short here~ he had insomnia from the meds, but on the other hand, they were doing wonders for him in the day. He was way worse at night than he had ever been before. Our doc suggested that he take MELATONIN at night. An all natural herbal sleep aid pill. We tried it and it has worked wonders for us! From the first pill on, he has slept so good every night. I usually give it to him about 45 min. before he goes to bed, and he falls asleep within minutes of getting put to bed AND he stays there!
If I could say anything, TRY IT! I don't think you will be disappointed~
Good luck~ I feel your pain
sista! =)

J I L L A I R E said...

If I can swim a mile, you can run four! You can do it! That's an awesome goal for your birthday.

Kate said...

Misty: You're totally not a blog stalker- read and comment as much as you like!

Thanks for the tip. Soren's problems are generally just falling asleep, he's usually good to go once he's asleep and it is very clearly a control issue, not a falling asleep issue. Once he decides to stay in his room and relax, he's out cold in a few minutes.

But I'll keep that in mind if things get worse! Glad things are going so much better with Kole! I actually take melatonin fairly often to help me sleep, so I join you in your praise for it!

Misty said...

Thanks Kate~

aaaahhhh the control issue. It goes along with the PERKES stubborness~ =) That was part of it for Kole as well. The melatonin helped him to relax, and then he would fall asleep fast.
I wish you luck~ I know sleeping issues are hard.
Thanks for your kind words for Kole. He is doing better and is loving first grade~ He has had a long road, as has his Mom. We are continually blessed with his progress~
Hope all is well for you! Good luck with the running~ I am impressed! =)

Amy said...

Yay katie! Keep going! I'm currently on the lookout for a mudrun. So far they've all been on Sunday. Wish I could come run 9 minutes with you. Our last four minute run was fun.