Thursday, November 3, 2011

4th Annual Donigard Halloween Party: The Decorations

As usual, these pictures don't get anywhere close to doing the party justice. One of these years I will have enough time before the party starts to set up good light to get some decent pictures. But this was not the year. 

This year we decided to mix things up a little and use our spooky back staircase instead of the main ones. So the entry was dark and the stairs were blocked off and lit with flameless candles (safety first!) 

The rest of the photos after the jump...

We had a tree in the back with crows.

We made the kitchen into a graveyard with a moon, tons of crows, lights, trees, fences and tombstones. It looked amazing. 

We made a false entry way into the living room, which was made up like a mausoleum. 

A giant spider web and coffin. 

We made some mummies by stuffing some of Soren's pajamas with newspaper and wrapping them up- it totally creeped me out that they were the exact size of my son. We also made a crypt for all the members of the Donigard household. 

A close up of the creepy spider egg sacs. 

We made a mummy out of a dress form and printed a ton of old spooky photos to complete the mausoleum feeling. 

One good addition to this year was the Hall of Fame out in the hall. We printed a bunch of photos of past contest winners for something to look at when you're getting a drink.

Another great component of this year was the trophies for the costume contest. I forgot to take a picture of all of them together, but here's ours with the Best in Show one we've been using each year. The winner gets to take it home and keep it for the year. 

That's it. I think I've almost recovered from the craziness of the party. I guess that means it is time to start planning next year's party. 


Lisa H. said...

I don't know how you and Bonnie manage to outdo yourselves every year. The bar started out very high...anyway, great party, great friends! Thanks!

Amy said...

Wow does not even cover it. This is remarkably decorated. I cannot even imagine the number of hours that went into it!! I loved the stairs and the spider egg sacks. What are the egg sacks made out of? I will be stealing many ideas for next year halloween. Better start working on it now though...

Amy said...

PS. Is the doorway fabric or paper? And you could have used some of our old vail ancestor pictures. They are creepy.

Camilla said...

Holy. Crap. That is amazing.

Kate said...

Amy: Steal away! I'm glad you like it all. It's too bad that we will probably never live near enough to one another to combine our Halloween powers.

The doorway is made out of cardboard. I just broke down a big box and painted it. The coffin is also painted cardboard. The tomb, fake stone wall and fences are all paper. The spider sacs are grocery bags stuffed with newspaper, wrapped in cheese cloth, with a bit of spider web wrapped around and spiders to finish it off. They were surprisingly easy.

None of these things were hard, but you're right, it was many, many hours of work. Basically this is all I do for the week of the party, plus pretty much all I think about for the month of October. But so, so worth it!

J I L L A I R E said...

Egg sacs=creepy. Soren-sized mummies=creepy. Gothic arch entry=cool. Cemetery fences=cool. I need to get Damon really excited about something so we can have a cool decked-out party. I aspire. I don't think Halloween is it, though. I have friends in NYC that just had a tweed-themed party, complete with tweed backdrop. Hmm, maybe that's not it either. My kids' birthday parties are as close as I get. I need an adult one, though.

Linda Perkes said...

Your decorations embody the essence of the word awesome! Well done!