Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Green Lantern

Soren had his heart set on being a super hero for Halloween this year, specially one that he has a guy of. We finally decided on Green Lantern. I made his shirt and used some old pajama pants and green socks for "boots." He had a glowing green light stick axe and a mask and ring which we purchased. You can't tell in the photos, but he has a bunch of light sticks under his shirt to make his chest light up. That was a late addition to the costume when he asked me "So Mom, I'm going to light up like the real Green Lantern, right?" Thanks to Dollar Tree, we were able to make that happen.

He loved his costume and got to wear it a few times to various parties, including the Joy School one with all his little school buddies. 

You may notice that he has a different mask in these 2 pictures. We ordered a mask and light up ring on line but it wasn't looking like it was going to arrive in time for his Joy School party. So I bought a sequin mask and another ring as back up just in case, knowing that he'd be devastated if he didn't have these major components of his costume. An hour into the party I got a text from Logan telling me the other stuff had arrived. Of course. So he now has two masks and two rings. The things you do for kids...

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