Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

We went back to IKEA today to exchange a couple things so we can finish up The Great Room Switch (photos coming soon!) and I was thrilled to discover a whole bin of these coveted dish scrubbers. I was converted several years ago by my friend Anna and haven't been able to use another kind since. I usually stock up whenever I make the trip but have been sorely disappointed the last few times when I haven't been able to find any and have been clinging to my last one for far too long.

Thank you IKEA for making my dreams come true once again. I had a hard time only buying eight. 

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Lisa H. said...

that's funny because it occurred to me after you told me you were going to ikea that i should have asked you to pick several of these up for me. i can't use anything else...i will be making a trip to ikea soon. love this color combination, too.