Monday, January 30, 2012

Soren at 3.75

Now that I no longer write the "Letters to Soren" I feel like I've lost the only way I was documenting anything in Soren's life. So here are some points of interest on our funny son for those who are interested, but mainly so I don't forget.

This month, Soren started attending Primary during church along with a dozen of his fellow three year olds. So far he seems to be enjoying it and handling the change pretty well. He gets a little sad when when he doesn't get called on every time, but such is the life of an only-child know it all. He was super excited about wearing a tie to church just like Logan and looked adorably grown up.

Since Christmas he has become completely obsessed with Legos and for the first time in his life, he will willingly go play in his room for extended periods of time. It's glorious and well worth having to pick up all the teeny tiny pieces and the large amount of time I spend putting various weapons in those mini hands or pulling helmets off the tiny little heads. 

We got him a new bigger bed and his previous sleep issues have pretty much been solved. He loves his new room and still, 3 months later excitedly asks any one who comes to our house if they want to see his NEW! ROOM!  Even people who have already seen the room several times. 

Soren is super smart and says things all the time that surprise me. He's always asking what words mean. I've been feeling like I need to brush up on my SAT vocabulary. He's very chatty and will often make small talk like someone well beyond his years. Like when he came and sat down by us and asked "So, Mom and Dad, what was your favorite part of Lisa's party?" Recent funny expressions that have found their way into his vocabulary are: "Aww, nuts!" "What the!" "Pause it back on" (which means to un-pause something), "That reminds me..." or "Speaking of..." (like the time he said, "Mom, say Red Tornado" I oblige and say "Red Tornado" he says, "Speaking of Red Tornado...").

He is loving Joy School and has such a good time with his friends. We're sad that we'll be losing a couple of the kids this semester, especially his BFF Charlie who he will miss terribly. He's finally at the point that he can actually play with his friends, instead of just playing near them. I love peaking in on them when they are playing and getting a little glimpse into the imaginary worlds they've created.

Soren is a charming and hilarious 3 year old, though he's still a 3 year old. Everything is a negotiation and he's constantly telling us what his deal is. He wants everything to be dark blue. He tries his hardest to get me to do everything for him, and I try my hardest to resist. Together we're working on him becoming more independent.

He's a remarkable little boy who makes me laugh everyday. People young and old are automatically drawn to him, and it's hard to blame them. He's pretty great. 


Rachel Hunt said...

So, Kate (and Logan), what Was your favorite part of Lisa's party?

Such cute things. Such a cute Soren.

Kate said...

Rachel: I believe Logan said singing Happy Birthday to Lisa and I told him spending time with our friends. Though the Courtney-made party decorations featuring Lisa's face were a close second.

Spencer Hawkes said...

No wonder he's excited about his new room. It's pretty sweet. :-)

Terese said...

Perfect descriptions of Soren. He is the ultimate charmer. I can't even count how many times he's said something totally cute and beyond his years. We are so going to miss you guys.