Thursday, March 29, 2012

Welcome to Parenting in 2012

Soren: How does someone become a zombie?
Kate: By a zombie biting you.
Soren: But how did the first zombie become a zombie?
Kate: uhh...

Since the skinny jeans, ironic glasses and interest in zombies weren't quite enough to make him a full fledged mini hipster, Logan decided to go all the way and set up a Twitter account for him. Yes, perhaps its more than a little ridiculous. But its an easy way for us to document the entertaining things that come out of his mouth. You can follow Soren and some the funny things he says here.


Gwen said...

kate, there are several different mythologies around how the first zombie was created. a favorite of our time is that due to genetic manipulation in the form of vaccines or cures to some serious ailment, modern medicine created the first zombies. A more classical mythology of the first zombie tells us that with the power of dark magic, reanimated corpses with a hunger for human flesh arose to walk the streets and terrorize us.

If you'd like, I'll explain both these theories in detail to Soren next time I see him!

Ammon Perkes said...

blast, now I have to follow twitter too.

Kate said...

Thanks Gwen, I knew I could count on at least one of my friends to fill in the gaps of my zombie knowledge. I'm sure Soren would love any and all zombie lore you can share with him. Just keep it PG.

Ammon, you don't NEED to start following twitter. But if you don't, you'll probably lose some points in the fight to be Soren's Favorite Uncle. You're probably in the top three right now.