Monday, June 4, 2012

Sorry ladies, he's still mine for a few more years

Soren and I had this conversation while we were talking about left and right and I told him that I use my wedding ring to help me remember which way is left. (Yes, I'm 28 years old and don't know my left from my right.)

Soren: But I don't have a ring to help me remember. When I'm a dad and I get married to someone I will have a ring. But who can I marry?
Kate: Well, I'm guessing by the time you're old enough to get married, you'll know your left and right without needing a ring to help you remember. But you can marry anyone you want to marry. Someone who loves you and you love them.
Soren: Well, Gwen loves me a lot. So maybe I can marry her when I'm older. [Thinks for a minute] But I probably should marry someone who isn't married to someone else.  Everyone in the town is already married! 
Kate: By the time you are old enough to get married, there will be lots of people you know who aren't married. The kids you know now will be grown up too, so maybe you can marry one of them. Like your friend Lily, you could marry her.
Soren: Yeah! I could marry Lily when we're both grown up. But, wait, she's already married too!
Kate: Really? Who's Lily married to?
Soren: Danielle! 
Kate: Danielle is her mom. They aren't married just like I'm your mom and we aren't married.
Soren: Oh yeah. But what if Lily doesn't want to marry me? 
Kate: Well, you can marry anyone, like Kate, Charlotte, Sophie, Anna or anyone else. Or someone you don't even know yet.
Soren: Hmmm... okay. Well, why do I have to wait until I'm a grown up to get married? Couldn't I marry Lilly now?
Kate: No, because there are laws against kids getting married. And you don't want to get married yet. Who would take care of you guys? Kids need grown ups to take care of them. So you'd have to live with your mom and dad when you're married, and that's no fun.
Soren: Yeah, I guess I'll wait until I'm grown up.


Aubrey said...

So cute!

Gwen said...

CUTEST EVER!!!!!! I am so honored that he thought of me first! So so cute!!

Rachel Hunt said...

This might be my favorite post you've ever posted. My favorite line: "Everyone in the town is already married!" It is perfect.

Lisa H. said...

so cute. and your answers are perfect. you're such a good mom.

Deja said...

I love this snapshot of your conversationing!! He clearly thinks you are wise, and you clearly listen and answer sincerely. I love it.

Kate said...

Rachel: That was my favorite line as well. So earnest, this one.

Deja: Our conversations are not always this charming, and some days I feel like I'm taking a 12 hour oral test, but it is nice that we're to the point that we can have real conversations. And when I actually take the time to listen and respond sincerely, we usually end up with lovely things like this.

Jillaire said...

Love those little 4-year-old minds. P.S. Your left hand makes an L when you hold it up and stick out your thumb. Another good clue! : )

Kate said...

Jillaire: That one never worked for me since your right hand can also make an L if you turn it the other way. Too complicated!