Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Force is Strong With This One

Soren's 4th birthday party was a success! After going back and forth between a few different ideas, he finally settled on Star Wars for his party theme. So I talked it over with Soren, hit the internet, racked my brain and put together a pretty cool party if I do say so myself. The hardest part was lowering Soren's expectations just a little. I think our over the top Halloween parties have given him a bit of a warped perception of what a normal party is. He assumed all of his friends would come fully dressed in Star Wars costumes and that I'd turn our apartment into a "whole Star Wars place." Okay, I admit, that's what I sort of wished too. But I think our "toned down" party still turned out pretty great. We had to plan this keeping in mind that Soren is the only one of his friends who knows anything about Star Wars so we couldn't get too carried away with the theme to the point that his friends had no idea what was going on. (Yes, this is me not getting too carried away.)

Here's a more detailed run down of the party:


I used black plastic tablecloths on the wall with birthday banner and Soren's name in a Star Wars font below, covered with silver star stickers and a big Darth Vader that I printed for super cheap at Kinkos. I picked up some star balloons and hung up the Death Star pinata. There were also black and white balloons strung across the ceiling in the living room (Why haven't I done this for parties before? Such a cheap and surprisingly fast way to add a big impact.) I hung up most of the decorations the night before the party after Soren was in bed so he was blown away when he woke up to find the apartment transformed. 

Food & Drinks:

Soren's a bit of a pick eater four so I wanted all the food to be things he loves, but also the adults and other kids would enjoy. So I got lightsaber squeezy yogurts, made lightsaber fruit kebabs with watermelon and grapes, grilled cheese sandwiches, chips and all of Soren's favorite vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, sugar snap peas, and bell peppers). For drinks I made Vaderade (which is Gatorade with labels that I made) and water. The cake was a zillion layer chocolate cake with Oreo frosting. Soren requested a cake "with Star Wars guys fighting on it." So I asked my mom to buy him a bunch of Star Wars figures and placed them on the cake. He thought it was incredible and it tasted amazing. Mission accomplished. 



When the kids arrived we bravely gave them all big glow stick lightsabers and let them bat around balloons. Luckily, no one lost an eye or impaled anyone. Success!

We also played pin the X-Wing on the Death Star (which I printed for cheap at Kinkos along with the Darth Vader). I think this game determined that Soren really does have the force, or is just a big cheater. His first attempt was surprisingly accurate, he even turned the ship right side up before sticking it on. So on his second attempt we doubled up the blind fold and he still did pretty well. So it's obviously the force.

The final game was the Death Star Piñata which I made out of paper mache. Something I learned is that paper mache is really strong and young children are not.  After we all stood back and safely corralled the other children behind a chair, Logan bravely held the pinata up while we let each kid take a turn whacking it with a bat. None of them made much of a dent before it broke off the string. So we let Soren hit it on the ground then dump all the candy out. Something else I learned is that 2 to 4 year olds don't get that they are supposed to grab all the candy they can when it all dumps out. Each of the kids calmly picked up a piece of candy and started to eat it, leaving the rest of the candy on the ground. So maybe they were a little young for a piñata.

Soren loved everything and has already figured out what he wants for his next two birthday parties. 


Marian said...

I really want to come to the next party.

Deja said...

Love that image of them calmly picking up a piece of candy and leaving the rest! Would that we all were so calm. And would that we all had such an awesome party. This is fantastic, my friend.

Barry said...

I'm glad you didn't go overboard on this party. I know Gus and Amelia both had a great time. One question though. Why are there palm trees on Planet Hoth?