Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hooray for Brother-Friends!

I came across this post from last year about Soren and my brother Isaac and it made me laugh. Just like last year, if you ask Soren, the best part about spending a week in Mississippi is Uncle Isaac. Actually  Soren has decided that Isaac isn't his uncle, he is his "brother-friend" since he's "kind of like his brother, kind of like his friend." Soren also had a great time with his three cousins, Ethan, Carter and Tanner. As a fellow third child, I'm a little partial to Tanner, myself. I think the fact that he always says "aye" (like a pirate) instead of "yes" sealed the deal. 

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Amy said...

Yes, my girl friends always ask him questions just to listen to him say "Ay"! It is really super cute. You are on a roll on blogging! Great job, it is fun to read about your going ons.