Thursday, June 7, 2012

Joy School Graduation

Soren recently completed his first year of Joy School so we celebrated with a little graduation to celebrate the kids. Soren is four was being grumpy so we don't have many good shots of him, but I think in the end he had a good time with his little friends.

The Joy School Class: Kate, Lily, Soren and Judson
(Charlie and Anna both moved in the middle of the year and were missed. Soren asks about both of them all the time.)

Soren, proudly receiving his diploma

Soren, performing his talent - patting his head and rubbing his belly

Our Family Talent - singing "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles"
The plan was to have Logan and Soren sing while I blew bubbles since they both know all the words, but Soren chickened out and I had to sing while Soren blew bubbles.

A big thanks to the other moms for doing Joy School with us this year. It was great knowing that Soren was with people that I trusted. Soren loved Joy School, but seems to be excited about summer vacation. Hopefully I'll be able to keep both of us from going crazy all summer. 

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