Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Soren's 4th Birthday Recap

Soren turned four last month and I still can't quite believe I have a child that old. Four is SO not a baby or toddler, it is a real-live, full-blown kid. So what does a full-blown kid need for his birthday?  

LEGOS!!! and STAR WARS STUFF!!!!! As you can see, he was thrilled with all his presents. And had adorable bed head. He also got soccer cleats from Logan and a Darth Vader mask and cape which I made for him. As well as MORE LEGOS!!!!!

That evening he got to choose what we had for dinner and requested waffles with whipped cream, watermelon and pink milk. I decided cake after all that would be overkill, especially since he would have an epic Star Wars cake at his birthday party a few days later. So the candles went into the waffles and he was happy as can be. 

He was a little disappointed to find out that he wasn't 4 1/2, just plain old 4. He figured if he was 3 1/2 before and it was his birthday then he should be 4 1/2. No such luck. He was also surprised he didn't feel any different or wasn't any bigger now that he was four. Despite those little crises, he's been happy to remind me that he's four now so can do things all by himself. Which is a healthy realization for both of us. 

Happy Birthday Soren. Four years down, lots to go. 


Marian said...

Such a cute birthday boy. And the waffles look wonderful.

Kate said...

Thanks, Marian. I pretty consistently can make good waffles now that I've admitted I just have to use a mix. Which kills just a little of my soul every time, but is better than nothing. Though pancakes continue to be my Achilles Heel, even with a mix.