Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back to School

Soren and I have survived the first two weeks of Preschool! Like last year, we are doing a small co-op preschool with a group of friends. It's a different group from last year and we are doing Mother Goose instead of Joy School. I know many people love Joy School, but it never really did much for me. So far I am really liking the Mother Goose curriculum. Hopefully we'll have a great year! This is Soren's last year before kindergarten (WHAT?!?!) and I think this will be a good mix of academic  and social development to get him ready. Here are some shots of the fun stuff we did over the last two weeks with his two classmates Charlotte and Jonas.

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Marian said...

Thanks Kate. Cutie pies. Is that green chair new or just not orange anymore?