Tuesday, October 30, 2012

5th Annual Donigard Halloween Party: The Decorations, Part 2

Continuing from Part 1 of the decoration breakdown, you enter The Manor. We boarded up the windows with painted cardboard. I made a fake wall out of paper to divide up the room from the kitchen. (The fake wall is hanging over the peninsula of Bonnie's kitchen) I made this out of wrapping paper and modgepodged on painted bits of paper to look like the "wall paper" was falling down. You can't tell that well in the photos, but I sort of aged up the paper by lightly painting watered down glue mixed with a bit of paint. The crown molding on top of the wall is an image I found on line blown up and layered across a piece of cardboard. The family portrait was just something I found on line and printed and made a fake frame out of cardboard and tinfoil (sprayed with gold spray paint). When I finished this wall I decided that I've missed my calling in life as a set designer.

I also used this tutorial to put bugs on the lampshades. (Thanks to Laci for this photo!)

On the other side of the room we turned Bonnie's desk and shelves into a faux fireplace made from cardboard boxes and painted paper.

The last room was the kitchen, which I think ended up being my favorite room in the house. Which is ironic since it was a late addition to the plan. We had a different plan that didn't end up happening since we didn't find a full size skeleton (one year, we will get one...) and so at the last minute, I came up with this sort of witches kitchen. We moved the dining room table in to serve the food. Bonnie scavenged the neighborhood and strung plants across the ceiling.

This wall is the opposite side of the wall paper wall in the other room. I found a bunch of old anatomy images and printed them off. We brought a small shelf from Soren's room and this very cool old set of drawers that have been sitting in our basement taunting me to rescue it. Seeing it in action has earned it a spot on my long list of furniture projects. 


I put a bunch of random things into jars and printed a few labels. One of the best parts of this was the cool old books (which are usually in my living room) that I made into a spell book by printing an image I found. Thanks to Gwen for putting this area together, savaging Bonnie's house to find things to add, mixing up potions and accessorizing it so well.

A big thanks to all those who helped Bonnie and me pull all this magic together. Thanks to Laci, Rhonda, Gwen, Amelia, Aubrey and Courtney who all came over to lend a hand to the party setting up and to Lisa and Courtney who helped with the clean up the next day. There is absolutely no way we could have pulled this off without so many helpers.

Time to start planning for next year...


Logan Wangsgard said...

Proud to be a part of it. The best Samhain Celebration so far! Though now it's a bit like Christmas once all the presents are open, feeling a bit sad that it's all over. I'm still listening to my October/Halloween music mixes to keep the spirit going.

Amy said...

Logan, you make me laugh (your comments, not the costume).

This is all so amazing. I love the kitchen! And I will be copying boarded up windows for sure! They look great! And I am looking forward to a costume description. Dylan told me last week he was looking forward to the end of October when he gets his wife back; I am sure you had to have spent twice as much time as me, and it sure shows!

Kate said...

Amy: Thanks! Logan has expressed similar sentiments. And this year I'm not planning our ward's annual wreath making party which is just as intensive as Halloween so he actually does get his wife back at the end of October.