Wednesday, October 31, 2012

5th Annual Donigard Halloween Party: Miscellaneous Party Fun!

 Here are just a few more photos from the party to prove that there were people there and they had fun. And to show off all the delicious and spooky food! A big thanks to Laci for all of these photos, and for stepping in to take many of the official costume photos when I quickly realized my costume made it hard to do so. 


My lovely co-host Bonnie in her adorable Mary Poppins costume. Another job well done, Bonnie!

The Sorensen family, capturing the elusive Gus smile

Another shot of Logan and me where you can see a bit more of our incredible costumes. I am planning to write up a post about our costumes soon. 

 Somehow this is the only photo of Elizabeth in her Utdz chip costume, her husband Max had a matching one. Sorry we missed getting an "official" photo of you two!

 You can see the rest of the party photos here:


ellenbush said...

Cheers to another freakin' fantastic Halloween party! Wish the weather wouldn't have ruined our appearance last year. One of these years we are really going to have to make it!

Kate said...

Ellen: I know! I wish you could have come last year. Any time you want to come, you've got a place to stay!