Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Logan's Knight Costume Break Down

Here's a detailed break down of Logan's knight costume. For those of you who don't care about this stuff let me just sum it up by saying that I made this and it was really cool and you should be impressed. For those of you who do, read on.
For Logan's chain mail, I happened upon a perfect sweater at a sidewalk sale at the random store next to Target. It was only $5.50 and other than the color, was exactly what I wanted. So I took an idea from Gwen, the makers of last year's winning LOTR costumes, and spray painted it silver.  Since I knew the back and chest would be covered by the tunic I didn't spray them in an effort to both save spray paint and also make it more comfortable for Logan. A tip I learned from Gwen: spray it well in advance to give it time to air out. I'd say it took about 2 weeks for the paint smell to go away enough to make it wearable.

I sewed Logan's tunic out of a couple yards of cheap cotton fabric and edged it with red pre-made bias tape that I had on hand from a previous (never finished) project. The tunic had red lining as well, but you can't really see that. I mainly added that to make it thicker. There are lots of patterns and tutorials on-line, so I glanced at a couple and then just sort of winged it. The crest on the front is made from red felt and the dragon is an image I found online that I printed, cut out on sticky back felt and then stuck on the red felt. I used the same image for the shield.

The shield is pretty much based on this helpful tutorial I found on YouTube. It is made out of foam core board which I cut to size and painted. The gold rivets were little wooden dots that I painted and hot glued on.The dragon is cut out of red paper and glued on. The straps on the back are the same red fabric from my dragon costume just taped on. I also covered the entire back with duct tape.

The belt is made from my "dragon hide" and was just two long strips of fabric sewn together. The leggings are ones we had already and the boots we borrowed from a friend. The sword was also borrowed. The cut on his face and blood were purchased from a costume store and totally brought the whole thing together. The dashing good looks and handsome scruff Logan already had. You can't buy that at the costume store.

The details of how I made my dragon costume is coming up next!


Marian said...

You can give credit for the handsome good looks to his parents. Just sayin.

Kate said...

Haha, Marian. You are right. Thanks to you both for making such a handsome boy.