Friday, December 21, 2012

That's my boy

Kate: I need to go down to the basement, do you want to come down with me or stay up here?
Soren: I want to come with you. Because I am brave!
Kate: I know the basement is a little scary, but the worst that can happen is that you'll see a fly and they can't hurt you. [Note: Soren is very afraid of flies and since seeing a couple in the basement one day, has been hesitant to go down there.]
Soren: No Mom, the worst that can happen is that there will be a vampire down there and he will suck out all of my blood and I will die.
Kate: Fair enough.

(Excuse the blurry phone pic and ridiculous jammies.)


Logan Wangsgard said...

Hahahaha, you sure he's your boy and not MY boy? I dunno, I guess we're both pretty dramatic with a touch of the macabre.

Gwen said...

kate, soren's worse case scenario is much more likely. phifff. a fly? come on.

Ammon Perkes said...

at first, I thought those jammies were a sack, and he was about to sack race his way down the steps, but that hardly seemed like a Soren thing to do.

Ammon Perkes said...

PS - every time I correctly figure out what those robot-proof words are supposed to be, I feel like a super sleuth. (that's twice in 2 minutes! I should work for the CIA)