Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wherein we torture our son

Those who know Soren at all, know that he's not known for his bravery. He's pretty much scared of everything, but with most things he will have fun doing them once he gets over the initial fear. Last Christmas we bought him a sled and until this weekend, we have had very little snow and it has been sitting in our basement for more than a year just waiting to be used. So once the storm slowed down, we put on a ridiculous number of layers and hit the slopes, er steps. As expected, Soren was super excited to go sledding but as soon as we got there decided that he wasn't going to do it. Having waiting more than a year for this moment, we weren't going to walk away with out sledding.

(Note:  Videos don't show up in some readers, so if you want to see the videos, go to a browser)

In the end, he liked it but preferred sledding down the teeny tiny hills at the park down the street instead. Logan and I also went down several times from the very top and even (with a great deal of protesting) got Soren to go the whole way down with me.

Proof that it wasn't all torture and to give you a sense of just how much snow we received:

Sledding down the street - the fastest way to travel
Urban sledding at its finest

Building snow caves at the park
Someone's car is under that mountain of snow


Amy said...

How fun!

Monica Kate said...

OH my goodness these videos are darling!! I love Soren screaming.

ellenbush said...

YES! Thank you for blogging! these photos/videos are pure awesome and we have missed you guys! soren is classic and hilarious in these. love you guys!