Friday, March 8, 2013

Internet, meet the two newest members of our family:

Here are Bucky and Rocco, Soren's best friends. Let me back up. In early November, WAY before I usually even think about buying Christmas presents, Soren and I went to the toy store in the mall and he found a stuffed raccoon and it was love at first squeeze. I saw this sight and there was nothing I could do but go back the next day and buy it. 

 Seriously. How could I not? It was physically impossible. So I bought it and put it in my secret present hiding spot in the back of my closet and there it sat until Christmas. I resisted the urge to pull it out and snuggle with it. Then a week or so before Christmas I pulled it out and cut all the tags off of it and wrapped it up for Soren. And the next day the box of presents from Logan's sister and her family arrived and what should be in there for Soren? Another stuffed raccoon. I wasn't sure what to do since I couldn't return the one I bought. I soon decided that although Soren doesn't necessarily NEED two stuffed raccoons, he would LOVE to have two and that he'd probably play with them more as a pair than he would with just one. But just to be sure, I started planting the seeds by telling him stories about two brother raccoons named Rocco and Bucky. (Yes, I have missed my calling as a marketer.) Then Christmas morning came and he opened them both and was immediately in love. 

And the rest is history. He loves those two raccoons like nothing else in the world. Sleeps with them every night, plays with them through out the day, pretends to call them when we're not home, feeds them breakfast, combs them, gives them birthday parties, goes in to greet them when we return home, makes up back stories about their life before they came to live with him (they both grew up in Mississippi, of course) and cuddles, snuggles and squeezes them. We watch raccoon videos on YouTube (endless entertainment folks) and now he's decided that he needs to have a raccoon themed birthday party. City raccoons, not forest raccoons, of course. So I think these two are here to stay. Look for them in this year's family Christmas card.

PS: Updated to add this photo of what I saw when I walked into his room this afternoon:

Yesterday my friend Amelia asked if Rocco and Bucky were animals or if Soren anthropomorphizes them. I wasn't sure how to respond since it is a combination of both, but this picture pretty much sums it up. They are mostly animal - eating banana and onion peels (yellow and white construction paper) on the floor - but have been given spoons to eat the trash. (They aren't savages!)  They don't talk and he only speaks "raccoon" to them (adorable during the day, less so when he and the raccoons have climbed into our bed at 6:30 AM) since that's the only thing they understand. You can't make this stuff up.  Or I guess you can if you're a four year old.


Linda Perkes said...

I love the raccoon mask and pj's! Cheers to kids with thriving imagination.
(Clever move with the foundational story.)

Kate said...

Thanks, Mom. Hopefully all of them can make a trip to MS soon. Those raccoons probably miss it.

Terese said...

That is so cute! I like the Christmas prep you did with the brother story haha! Dang Charlie needs Soren back in his life. Cool kids are hard to come by!

Deja said...

Love it!