Sunday, July 21, 2013

Swedish Midsummer Baby Shower

Last night I co-hosted the most beautiful baby shower in the history of the world. Our lovely friend Amelia is expecting her second child and to honor her we put together this perfect little summertime dinner party.

We set up a table in Bonnie's backyard, which was the perfect setting. I gathered all the flowers from a nearby park early that morning. They are mostly weeds; and other than the scary number of bugs that crawled out into my kitchen when I was arranging them, they were perfect. I made smaller arrangements for the table in blue mason jars and a few hanging arrangements that we put on the guest of honor's chair and along the fence. I loved how they turned out!

Along the center of the table I made a simple runner out of two sheets of wrapping paper from Paper Source and scattered moss (from my backyard) and tons of candles around the flower arrangements. I also made place cards out of (fake) antique keys with each person's name that we set on pieces of wood.

Gwen dreamed up these amazing flower crowns that she and I made the night before the party. Everyone looked so beautiful and I think it really took the party to the next level.

Lisa was the mastermind behind the delicious spread of food. We had really nice bread, cold cuts, and cheeses to make fancy sandwiches with lots of beautiful and delicious toppings. For dessert, Leslie made a gorgeous cake and Lisa made a delicious nectarine sorbet. The food was all perfect for a hot summer evening.

We also had a delicious drink with frozen raspberry-nectarine fruit cubes. So, so good.  I've had my eye on these birch straws for a long time and never had a reason to buy them until now. They were perfect for the occasion.

After dinner, Gwen taught us all the traditional Swedish maypole song and dance and we sang and danced around the maypole. If Amelia ever questioned our love for her, this pretty much confirmed it. (Apologies to Bonnie who may have some explaining to do to her neighbors...)

After the maypole dance, we settled down and Gwen had us all pick a rune for Amelia's baby and paint them on pieces of wood which we gave to her along with a blessing for the baby. In keeping with tradition, we read our blessing for the baby and then burned them. It was pretty much the sweetest thing ever.

All in all, it was a pretty remarkable party for a pretty remarkable lady. Thanks to Amelia for having a baby so we could put together this very fun shower and for all those who made it possible!


J. B. Sorensen said...

I love that you had Amelia do a "Glamour Shots by Deb" pose.

"Now, just imagine you're weightless. You're in the middle of the ocean,surrounded by tiny little sea horses. This is turning out really well."

Terese said...

Such a beautiful party! How did you find such amazing wild flowers? I love all the creative details. You are a genius!! i am pinning this !

zerry ht said...

Totally in love with this Swedish Midsummer Baby Shower. It seems like girl-gang had so much fun in this event. We will also be attending a family baby shower at most popular garden party NYC venues on next weekend. This BBQ garden party is definitely going to be a memorable family bash.